Free online meeting tool

I just find the really good and free solution for online meetings – it’s ‘Mikogo‘.
It’s probably not the best from the best – I must agree that WebEx functionality is wider and it has a lot of other tools, but Mikogo has such killer pros

  • It’s free (and it’s the most important argument)
  • It run well on 64 bit systems. Microsoft SharedView doesn’t support 64-bit Windows-XP
  • It have “record” feature, so you can record your meetings
  • a lot of other features (but not too much to be hard to use)

Before using Mikogo I’ve used several online meeting applications – one of them are paid services like WebEx and GoToMeeting. Nothing bad about them (they are cool services), but they are quite expensive tools. As for MS SharedView – it don’t want to run on my WindowsXP 64bit, so I have to install and use it on my 32-bit Windows inside VMWare plus SharedView don’t hide it’s menu and that eats vertical screen-space, so the picture was not pretty-good if presenter has big screen resolution.
Yeah, I also use Skype Unite-extra to share my screen, but the quality of the picture was quite blurry, so I don’t think it’s an option for online meetings.


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3 comments on “Free online meeting tool
  1. Hi Andrey!
    Thank you for blogging about Mikogo. It is great to see that you enjoy using it. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.

    Hsiang-Yi Cheng
    The Mikogo Team

  2. jenn5500 says:

    Another good tool is RHUB’s http://www.rhubcom.comTurboMeeting. It works well even on low bandwidths and there’s features for file transfer, recording, whiteboard, and application sharing. It also has a browser based web conference attendance option. Its not free, but since its a self hosted service, you own the product and there are no recurring fee. It’s an affordable alternative to some of the paid services.

    • Andrey Chorniy says:

      Hmm, as I got RHUB require some hardware to be purchased ?
      BTW, I just find another free online meeting service Dimdim
      The DimDim advantages I see now – it support up to 20 meeting attendees (Mikogo has limit of 5), You have to register to create Dimdim account (the registration is really fast – only 3 fields, login/password/email) and you don’t install
      It also can show your webcam and has a lot of settings and features.

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