3 Magic words from Google “Upload, Train, Predict” = Prediction API

Yesterday, May 20, 2010 on Google I/O the brand new API was announced by Google “Prediction API
It looks very promising and open the wide range of areas to use it of course.
In short it will expose to everyone (on the moment only to “selected everyone” on the moment since it has limited access on the moment) the ability to build their own “Supervised Classification” without coding, without writing algorithms to analyze and learn from their data.

To use that API you have to sign-up and wait until Google decide to give you an access, so don’t wait and sign-up to the Prediction API access if you are interested
So, generally you have to do 3 relatively simple things (except thinking about the classification task description)
Upload your data to Google Storage

Train classify your data set

Predict use the model which google create from your data-set to predict (classify)

Usage of Google Prediction

Looking at the answers from Google representatives I can say that is absolutely fresh pilot product but for it is very promising, especially if they will have API to describe the data-set, configure prediction models and algorithms, etc. It will allow embed complex prediction based logic even in mobile phones without having actual computation and programming on client side.  One more example of how to transform  complex and scaring into simple.



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