How to view android sources in Eclipse

I don’t know any more straightforward way to work with (view/browse) android sources in eclipse on the moment. I have downloaded sources from GIT before, but that actually doesn’t allow me to browse them in Eclipse. I still have to find the source on the disk to browse it, since they are scattered in different folders.

I find this article very helpful (all information below is actually taken from this article)

So, in short – download zipped sources from

Unzip it them in the corresponding \source folder for particular platform/SDK  ${android-sdk-home}/platforms/android-4/sources

And refresh you project in Eclipse, that’s all – it works for me in “Eclipse Galileo” and “Eclipse Helios” so I believe it should work for you too.

There is some possible problem with viewing sources in debug which is covered in the source article – “Just click on that “Edit Source Lookup Path” button to add a source lookup path.

Click edit source lookup path button

In that dialog leave “Default” selected and click “Add.”

Leave default selected=

In the following “Add Source” dialog choose “File System Directory” and hit the OK button: Then choose the source directory where you unzipped the code. The debugger should now show all the code you can debug into.

Define path to unpacked sources

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