Free Hosted Redmine

I like Redmine, it’s simple but yet powerful, one tool with almost all you need for managing project  (Issue tracker, time-sheets, wiki, file-share tool, cool filtering and reporting tools)

Just Like It.

Here is the link to the free redmine hosting (you can still have your project private) the only limitation I found – you can’t create users on your own (i.e you don’t have Admin rights which of course correct for free public service). Of course you can’t install plugins, but even without that Redmine offer you a lot

Thank you guys for your service

And thanks to Redmine creators, I wish I will contribute to Redmine too.


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3 comments on “Free Hosted Redmine
  1. Damius says:

    Looks like it dont work today.
    Site is unvailable.

    What’s happen?

    • Andrey Chorniy says:

      Hi, I really don’t know – I just use this service.
      Yeah, it’s free and of course there is no 99,999% or even 99% up-time guaranteed here.
      They could even terminate this service if they decide to do that (probably it could be expensive to host a lot of projects)

      You may request an SQL backup of your data on this service for a fee of AU$50 (as we have to separate your data from everyone else’s). If we are forced to close down the service for any reason, we will provide an SQL backup free of charge, on request.

  2. Daniel says:

    You can’t create your own users, but you can add other users to your project as reporters / managers etc. It’s just that they will need to have signed up to the site already themselves. Not a biggie really 🙂

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