HierarchyViewer missed in Android SDK r07 for Windows

I just updated to Android SDK-r07 and find out that I don’t have hierarchy-viewer tool anymore, what a nice surprise 🙂
I know this program is stored in hierarchyviewer.jar so just created the hv.bat in tools directory with just

java -Xmx512m  -jar ./lib/hierarchyviewer.jar

.. and it works for me.

Another way – is to download Android-SDK-r06 and take hierarchyviewer.bat from it. Still don’t know how it happens that Android-SDK-r07 miss that great tool launcher

For those who don’t know nothing about that great tool, I recommend to take a look at article about layout-efficiency in android and about layout-optimization – and start using and in your layouts. And of course spend some time exploring your view-s in HierarchyViewer.



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One comment on “HierarchyViewer missed in Android SDK r07 for Windows
  1. […] some googling, it happens that this tool is missing in sdk07 for […]

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