I’m a software developer with extensive java experience and I’m writing that blog to share my experience and problem solutions with others.

Top 3 areas of  my experience are:

1) Web-applications with JBoss Seam, Spring frameworks.  That two ones are really great. I’m also interested in Ruby.

2) Android applications – I’m really excited of Android platform and the possibilities it gives to developers and I have a hope that Android platform will increase its market share in the nearest future.

3) Datamining/Textmining applications. I have hands-on experience in R&D in the textmining area. Especially in Evolutionary/Genetic computations.

Besides the software development I’m a fan of healthy lifestyle.  I like to attend gym and swimming-pool. I love to ride my bicycle and snowboard. I’m looking forward to have exciting mountain trip, become a certified windsurfer (I already have some experience) and learn kitesurfing.

Andrey Chorniy
Note: for some reason, our passport department decided to write my name as “Andrii Chornyi”, so it’s my “official” name, but generally I don’t like how it sounds.

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